Planning for fall knitting

This shawl be most likely be finished after September first so I can enter it in My Sister’s Knitters kal. I thought I had my Rhinebeck sweater picked and knitted but now I want to knit another and I have three chosen:
Maple Cotton Candy by Amy Herzog
Featherweight by Hannah Fettig
Strokker by Ysolda Teague
I have my next audio book ready to go

My plan is finish “Outlander” while knitting Rhinebeck sweater and socks,
I’ve been trying to get music back on listening list between podcasts and books. I listen to soft music before bed and some upbeat in the car for errands.
So it does seem I have a case of cast on itis coming on ….
Happy knitting!


Intro to me

My name is Rose. I love to knit, read ,adventuring and taking pictures along the way. My plan is to blog a couple times of weeks about knitting and thoughts in general. Any feed back is welcome!


What I do to recharge

On my “Monday” morning I like to putter, laundry, and either read or knit. I work third shift at a hotel and my week starts Friday. Today was a reading day, because I’m trying to finish two books before the Laura Ingalls class starts. I also picked my stripy yarn for Rhinebeck socks and Socktober.

Releasing Is Good….


But releasing a new pattern can be a bit of a mixed bag! You certainly feel stoked that all the hard work, the effort, the revisions, the craziness…you get the idea…

You feel stoked that all of that is done…

But then you wonder…

Will they like it? Is it clear? Is it too long? Not long enough? Did I pick out the right font?

And then there is the video tutorial you really wish you hadn’t done a massive spring cleaning the day before filming because your nails and hands look wretched! Geeze! 25 minutes of beautiful yarn and helpful tutorials juxtaposition with nubby nails…


But then you realize…



With needles and yarn will make this

Perhaps as their first shawl

and then you do a petit allegro of Yellow Fairy from The Sleeping Beauty around your office and squeal with excitement…

Don’t YOU?

Yeah buddy! That…

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Angry and Sad


I have tried to start this post so many times. Nothing seems to be working.

Yesterday a woman walked her dog. Out the door she went with the dog. She closed the door behind her on the husband who serves his country faithfully each day. The door shut on the three kids they shared. Off she walked, down her own street, with her dog.

And a stupid drunk driver hit and killed her.

My hands shake with anger as I am typing, anger at another stupid senseless death that was 100% preventable.

COMPLETELY PREVENTABLE. If you drink, don’t drive. How many times does that have to be said?

Instead of wasting anger on a man who robbed a family of a wife and mother I want to do something positive.

I am a wife and a mother to 3 kids. I walked my dog yesterday morning. The neighborhood where this…

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