Releasing Is Good….


But releasing a new pattern can be a bit of a mixed bag! You certainly feel stoked that all the hard work, the effort, the revisions, the craziness…you get the idea…

You feel stoked that all of that is done…

But then you wonder…

Will they like it? Is it clear? Is it too long? Not long enough? Did I pick out the right font?

And then there is the video tutorial you really wish you hadn’t done a massive spring cleaning the day before filming because your nails and hands look wretched! Geeze! 25 minutes of beautiful yarn and helpful tutorials juxtaposition with nubby nails…


But then you realize…



With needles and yarn will make this

Perhaps as their first shawl

and then you do a petit allegro of Yellow Fairy from The Sleeping Beauty around your office and squeal with excitement…

Don’t YOU?

Yeah buddy! That…

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