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September 2014

Future project overshadowing

Getting excited for this sweater is overshadowing my present wips and some small projects I want to knit.

I have 22 rows of this shawl to do and looking forward to wearing it this fall.

This will be a quick fun little stuffy to make and I want to do a few more.
And finish these awesome socks.So my plan is to wait until next week to get yarn and cast on for sweater

Happy knitting!


Simply Sheepish!


Last Wednesday I shared with you a great way to wear the largest size of Hapa. If you missed it, have a look here. It is the first of a series of ways I like to wear shawls. On Friday I have a couple ways to share how I like to wear medium sized shawls, apart from wrapped around my shoulders. These posts are easy things to do with knits you already have or may be working on, but also work perfectly with large fabric wraps. Making a few wraps is an activity I plan to share with you next Wednesday. Simple. Gratifying. So fast you may decide to whip up a few for gifts!


Today I want to simply share some sheepish faces. In just a few weeks we will take an adventure on the podcast to meet these lovelies at their home in Pennsylvania. It will…

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Loved this video, a must watch



{A wee bit of housekeeping: I am recovering from a huge computer crisis…more on that another day…but I did want to let you know if you have not seen me in a few days it is because I have somehow managed to work a 40+ hour stint at my desk with computers and related electronic since Thursday…Yes, over 40 hours in 3.5 days…my eyes are bugging. SO if you have been expecting a message from me and wondering Where Is Mel?! I have been at my desk, doing nothing glamorous, nothing fun, nothing in fresh air and daylight. So afford me a bit of grace and I will get back to you soon!}

And now on to MUCH more pleasant things: Yarn, yarn accessories and amazingly wonderful yarn shoppes!

This week we (ad)venture off to my Local Yarn Shoppe (LYS). The Salty Sheep is a delight, and not due…

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Goal setting

Now that my Rhinebeck sweater is on the drying rack it’s time to finish my small projects. My goal is to finish by the first day of fall so I can start my Rhinebeck socks and new sweater.
For the socks they are just my plain vanilla socks and the sweater is Maple Sugar Candy by Amy Herzog. It’s out of “The Rhinebeck Sweater” book of course.



The two shawls I need to finish : Menehune by Mskiknits and Lulu.
I’m going to rip out the second Opal because I’m not happy with the heel.
On reading list :
Farmer Boy
The Mitford series

Just a Moment

Rhinebeck sweater and what I’m reading

I am almost done with body and first sleeve of my Stokkur by Ysolda . Iam hoping to be ready to join both sleeves to body by Monday and start the fun part.
I have been trying to knit on my Menehune by Mskiknits, but this sweater has been such a quick and relaxing knit so far. I’m looking forward to wearing not only to Rhinebeck but quite a few other places also.
The book in the picture is one I’m reading for a free class that starts soon. What a great look into those days how they worked and spent their free time together. It makes me wonder how I could bring more of it into life.
Happy knitting !

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