Down 7 pounds

I did my weekly weigh myself yesterday and surprised to see that the scale went down so much. I know how much better I’ve been feeling. You know when you have skinny feel good days? I’ve added a few things to my routine since starting yoga four weeks ago: 

 I’ve been aggressively getting my steps in 6 days. 

 Since I don’t have a way to the gym at the moment and work third shift I get a lot done here.

I also have added these: 


  I’d love to hear your tips and tricks !

Have a good weekend!


My day off

  1. cleaned bathroom
  2. made bed
  3. dusted
  4. did dishes
  5. three loads of laundry
  6. vacuumed
  7. cleaned birds cage
  8. emptied trash
  9. mopped
  10. paid a bill online

 Now I can  

 Knit on this beautiful shawl . Cladonia by



Enjoy reading this blog :

And later YOGA!

Have a great day!

Story of a slipper

The other night I thought I’d practice continental knitting again and casted on a easy pair of slippers. Now I’ve made these before and thought they’d be a good at work project. Well everything that could go wrong did, lol.

The pattern is by Megan Williams of www.stockinettezombies.comcalled Seamless Saloma

  Well I cast on too many stitches and had to decrease back down, the ribbing wasn’t lining up .  
Than I got to the top and thought everything was going awesome. I decided to wait to finish at home when I was less tired. Come to find out that I closed up where the foot goes on . RIP!

Cast on again and presto everything clicked with very little mishap. 

  I had a slipper!

Moral to the story : don’t rush and practice is a good thing 😀

Second yoga class

I love how my body feels after this class. It was a little more intense , we worked on legs this time. There were a few exercises that I had a hard time with balancing and my wrists weren’t strong enough( need to find exercises for that).

I’ve been doing crunches everyday and will be adding squats and arm work.

My aim now is to feel as good as I can and focus how my clothes fit and not so much of the number on the scale. I don’t know why I lost my focus on fitness !

I guess it’s true! You get what you work for.

First yoga class

Last night I went to my first yoga class and it was amazing. It’s called Gentle Yoga for beginners. It involved stretching and muscle work, we used chairs and straps. I’ll be making it a regular thing.

 Not only did it feel wonderful but I’ve been more focused and energized. I got up early cleaned the house and did the laundry and knitted a couple of hours.

I definitely forgot how good it feels to do something good for me,

What do you do to make yourself feel good?