Blog Addict

Hi my name is Rose and I’m addicted to blogs! And not sorry. A new one isInspiration to me for the upcoming fall season. I found it yesterday and fell in love and I’m sure you’ll love it too 

 Here are few more photos fromClass  

As you can see I’m still working on my Windswept

Also reading “Wild in the Hollow” by Amber C. Haines

Enjoy your day! 



I wanted to share my homework from the class I’m taking. I’m taking the Phone Snapshop one and so far have learned more than I thought I would. Last night at work I played with depth of field and was able to get the kind of photos I’ve always wanted , here a few. If you look me up on Instragram you can follow my progress, I’m RoseKnitter there too.

Here are the photos: 


Turning the tv off…

For about a month I haven’t rushing to turn the tv on. I’ve been knitting and puttering more. I’ve also been reading ALOT more, it seems as my tastes have changed. The books have been Faith based and they really have been calling to me. It seems as one flows into the next, the first one I read I picked up a pen and notebook and took notes. 

  And this SANG to me: 
On the knitting front I finished the Cladonia shawl 

   Happy knitting friends!

Sleepy Bird

This morning as I was knitting at the kitchen table I looked over and caught my bird snoozing and reached for my phone . But of course 

 and watched him to get this shot 

 I do love a sleepy Cockatiel