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October 2015

Yes I’ve been knitting

It seems as I haven’t posted any of my knitting lately. I’ve been scattered but knitting indeed has been going on here are some pics:IMG_0418 IMG_0238Come what may shawl by Susan B Anderson and plain vanillas for Halloween, yarn by Gynxyarn.

Happy knitting!


New Camera

So I bought a new DSLR last week and have taken 211 pictures so far and thought I share a few IMG_0008 IMG_0068 IMG_0198 IMG_0209 IMG_0216 IMG_0308 IMG_0433

This week

It amazes me how much my photography has improved : 

   Never thought to take this kind of photo 
 Just for fun 

 Next one was styled 

 Have a great day!



Happy Fall! 

Homework 2

Here are some more photos from PhotoClass  

   I’ll be sharing more during the week, so stay tuned!
Have a great day,


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