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January 2016

Three Name Sock

  The first name was Second Sock Syndrome. Than I thought I’d name it New Years Socks to motivate me , now they are SUPER SLOG SOCKS!
I’m not going to lie , these socks are driving me NUTS! 

  I’ve finished two more pairs in the meantime , along with a shawl.
I’m on the second heel and hoping to finish before Easter!

Happy Knitting!



  Planning makes me happy. When I don’t plan I feel like nothing is getting done , but when I have a list and can cross things off or keep track I can see they are.
   Two of things I want to track along with knitting and photography !


  I started this shawl on Dec 29 th for a friend. I was going to write how much of a slog it was, but 
 I bound off today!

 Next shawl I’m planning on finishing is Come What May by Susan B Anderson. A lovely knit but lace is next , so it needs concentration.

  Going to work on these for purse knitting, my SSSock.
Because I ordered a new shawl kit from Littleskein in the Big Wool

Happy knitting!

More Practice

IMG_2171IMG_2208IMG_2211IMG_2216IMG_2221IMG_2222IMG_2223IMG_2225I love how my photos look SOOC in RAW so much less editing! I can’t wait for warmer weather to shoot flowers and my favorite parks.

Knitting post next up…



IMG_2145IMG_2089IMG_2111IMG_2112IMG_2113IMG_2139IMG_2140Switched back to Auto White Balance and editing is much easier. There is not much difference between JPeg and RAW so I’ll decide at shooting time.

Happy pic taking!


  Good and Plenty by Fibernymph
Do a Combo Move by Gnxyarn

Purplehaze by Whitebirch

$30 each including US shipping

For the love of wood needles and photos

A few years ago my hubby bought me a set of knitting needles for Christmas.  

 I have been using them for everything. For a couple of years I’ve been experimenting with different needles and techniques, my hands have been bothering me ALOT. I’ve been resting my hands and have stopped playing around and my hands have felt MUCH better. For the love of wood knitting needles.

Now a few photos: 

 I love Lightroom and shooting RAW!

Happy knitting and picture taking

Happy 2016

Planning 2016!

A simple year of learning and living!

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