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February 2016

A sweater hiccup

  So after finally picking up and getting most of the knitting and spending HOURS seaming this happened. Turns out even with careful reading and knitting, things go wrong. The sleeve has a two inch difference from the body armholes! Not to be discouraged or cry over it I have decided to reconstruct/ deconstruct the top and rework it.  Crossing fingers and doing a lot of praying this works out!
Stay tuned for what is going to be a saga I’m sure!

Happy knitting!


Winter Fence

Doing a four season series of my backyard fence 

   Almost ready to seam sweater, so excited!
Happy knitting and photo taking!

Sunday knitting

    Working on the second sleeve of my Maple Cotton Candy by Amy Herzog and enjoying the warmth of the stove 

 Have a great Sunday and happy knitting!

Return of knitting mojo

  I was going to post photos , but my hands have been busy. I have finished my Come What May shawl by Susan B. Anderson  
 Needs a soak and a good block.

 After a year in hiding Maple Cotton Candy is back out. I’m happy to say the front and back are done and I’m onto the first sleeve. 

Happy knitting!

Feeling motivated

  My fourth finished project of  2016 and a new skill learned 
 I started a new knitting notebook 

 The next two months of knitting are ” planned out”. Let’s see how much I stick to it! 

 Next book!

Next post will be a photography one!

Happy knitting!


  No more second slog fest! Yesterday I told myself to really focus on finishing this sock. I posted progress pics on Instrgam to motivate myself 
   Than I added an incentive 
 So excited to cast on tonight! 

 Happy knitting!

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