A walk

AA couple of pics from last nights walk and matchy one this morning


It takes two

This may be a very simple example but I wanted to share it. Last night I went to buy a new Fitbit and I wanted a specific model.

And I was reminded of something I read the day before: Ecclasiates 4:9-12. Now I’m new to The Bible so I had to look it up , it basically says that two are better than one. It has taken me a long time to realize that fact.

Well I took my husband along and I’m happy I did. I went to the Fitbit section and only looked there and it wasn’t there, he looked all around and found it.

That was a comment on a great pic showing this by Ashley

Have a great day!


Knit group

  Yesterday I almost said no to going to knit group. My schedule is wonky for this week and next. But instead I dragged myself up and out of the house, boy I’m glad I did.
In the pic above is the progress I made on my Fractal Danger. I doubt I’d be that far without her help with the pattern. Also there where was a knitter who made a shawl I’ve been eyeing for awhile.  

   I came home and found 2 of the 3 yarns I need in stash.Now to hunt up the 3rd an electric green I’m thinking.
Happy knitting !

Progress Markers

  I wrote before how I like to make goals for myself. Well when I started knitting I never kept track of progress, but for the past couple of years I have been. What a difference , I don’t know if it’s because I see the marks or what. I mark with a progress keeper on projects I don’t need to keep count on and it’s amazing how fast they knit up . 
I love my Kindle but sometimes even though it shows the percentage it’s difficult to feel like I read a lot.

  But using a bookmark it does.
This a great book btw!

Your thoughts on marking your progress?

Nuvem aka Blue Heaven

  I picked this shawl up again on 3/20/16 and I’m loving it! I watch podcasts and read Dragonfly in Amber while knitting, it has been my main knitting. I hope to get a lot of it done this month.

Other knits on needles are my Spring vanilla socks and Sugared Violets shawl.