I started a fundraiser page to help raise funds for human trafficking, because I saw this  blogger share her story. I can’t donate at the moment but I can help spread the word. Here is the link: Pledge. Thank You in advance!!!



Ever since I started reading Christian based books I have been changing slowly . Now that I have read The Best Yes and The Five Habits of a Woman who Doesn’t Quit my life went into high gear. I have bought a new Fitbit and changed when I do most of my steps, I do 10,500 five days of the week at work. Have been averaging about 15 to 16,000 a day now.In the 5 weeks of doing the study of The Five habits: I lost 8 pounds, started reading The Bible ( the best life guide EVER) , started a Etsy shop and started cutting down on caffeine. I’m reading more and conversing with hubby a lot more too.
I added a few more photograph.GooDPhotos

Life is Good!!!



Daughters bedroom

I keep asking my daughter to empty her room so I can have a craft room. Today I realized that I don’t want her too right now. It’s filled with 20 years of memories good and bad . Why would I want to empty it out just fill it up with stuff I don’t need 

Ready to wake up

I’m tired of sleepwalking through life! If someone had told me that picking up a book would change how I’ve let life go by because I’ve been lazy . I picked up my first Bible a month ago and just started to reading it after I found inspiring verses written in a book about not being a quitter.I’m finding out that I’m the changing force in my life not what happens to me.

A thought

Could life be as simple as following a knitting pattern? 

Read the instructions

Follow the directions

Have faith and determination

Keep track of your progress
Enjoy the results

Happy knitting!