Better not bitter

A couple of days we were eating dinner at the table and the piece of paneling from my daughters room fell. I noticed what she wrote on a paper: Don’t let your past make you bitter but better. Ok fine I’m all good with that but what happens when the same things keep happening now?

Last week I received a unexpected bill for something that should have been covered by insurance (yeah right), this week I went negative in my bank account due to once again unexpected things. It irratated me that I’ve been extra careful and have been denying myself of things that this would happen now. 

Needless to say it was a horrible day and to top it off my hubby came home in a bad mood and I couldn’t cheer him up . 

Today I woke up the sun was shining , I pulled my Bible out and started to to God about it . I opened up to the Book of Isiah and He promises that He’s starting something new in me 43:19

From the beginning of the year I’ve been seeing this verse and the reminder to stay calm that He is control Here are some other God notes from the devotional study I’m doing “The Confident Heart” by Renee Swope. It has helped me stay calm and know God sees and knows and LOVES me no matter what. I am not my past , things will improve and the future is hopeful. 


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