A newly added tool against the Enemy :Boy the Enemy is really getting scared of how much progress I’ve been making. This past month has been one rough road. I’ve been reading Gods word and praying on my own but the other night He directed me to this book. I was looking for a video on YouTube and saw a video of Priscilla Shirer speaking and it got me thinking. She says any revival we want starts  within us because God put it in and if He put it in than He will see it happen. Thank you God!


Knit group

Dear God, 

Thank you once again for showing me that I need people in my life. I’m sorry for not showing up for so long , I know now that was the enemy doing it not you. You’re way  is not hiding away it’s showing up even in the midst of my mess . 

Today was just a great example of being wrapped in your mercy. Thank you again