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A message on passion

Earlier today I put this pattern in my Bible because I’ve been asked to knit a pair for a friend. But it seems a I let my passion for knitting slide quite a lot.So I prayed to get it back. So God sent out searches and found a message on passio

I saw this picture on Instagram and watched the sermon. He talks about passion following purpose. That God gives you a purpose but it’s up to you to supply the passion. Go watch it!

He based it on Revelation 2:1-5 (if you don’t know it look it up)! As soon as I read it I felt a spark of passion I haven’t felt in awhile , too bad I don’t have my knitting with me

Happy knitting


God active not reactive

Confession time I ‘ve struggled with money most of life. The other day a unexpected bill came in so it made me short for another which was double the usual. Instead of letting it get me down I reached for my Bible and read this verse: Although I want to do good, evil is right there with me Romans 7:21
I walked my 10000 steps and prayed to God set things right. He didn’t hand me money but something much better His Truth . Another verse popped into my reading , ” Put on the full armour of God so that you can take your stand against the devils schemes” Esphians 6:11
In another words reach for my Word instead of the phone to buy more stuff.
It’s been a minute to minute struggle these past two days but I’ve been knitting on my shawl and reading my Bible for comfort and not the evil invade my thoughts because I know God really has my soul.
Have a great weekend and reach for God

My path

Oh how I didn’t know the  power of two books would have in my life. Jesus says to rid yourself of your possessions and follow me, little did I know that He had already had me in His sight long ago. I’ll be posting about the teachers that He sent to help me along my path this month along with my answers to the questions in The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren . 

Fair Photos

Last weekend we went to fair and I had so much fun taking pictures :

In other news I’m on day 8 of The 30 Plank Challenge and its getting hard, but I pray before and during .

Happy Friday , Rose




This morning

Started 30 day plank challenge
Edited some photos, look for shop update soon.
Did some knitting
Now for some reading and journaling.
Later errands!


I’ve always wanted to journal . I’d buy pretty journals and notebooks and start them but lose steam than collect new ones. But ever since God has come barreling into my life it seems as I can’t put my pen down, either quotes from books or The Bible. It feels like God has wanted a relationship with me for A VERY LOOOOONG TIME! I’m just sorry that I didn’t open my eyes and ears to him sooner. 

Yes I know…


Sorry for the long pause but I have been doing some Bible studying .

I have a few things to get together in the next week or so for a review of what I’ve been up to so please stay tuned.

Have a great day,



I started a fundraiser page to help raise funds for human trafficking, because I saw this  blogger share her story. I can’t donate at the moment but I can help spread the word. Here is the link: Pledge. Thank You in advance!!!


Ever since I started reading Christian based books I have been changing slowly . Now that I have read The Best Yes and The Five Habits of a Woman who Doesn’t Quit my life went into high gear. I have bought a new Fitbit and changed when I do most of my steps, I do 10,500 five days of the week at work. Have been averaging about 15 to 16,000 a day now.In the 5 weeks of doing the study of The Five habits: I lost 8 pounds, started reading The Bible ( the best life guide EVER) , started a Etsy shop and started cutting down on caffeine. I’m reading more and conversing with hubby a lot more too.
I added a few more photograph.GooDPhotos

Life is Good!!!



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