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What I’m learning

So far I’ve learned that I can’t follow someone else’s plan for reading the Bible, I just have to let the Spirit lead me. Also I really enjoy reading the Old Testaments , than being led to New Testaments relating to the stories I read. So far whenever I read those two somehow the book I pick to read alongside the Bible lines up. Anchored In by Micah Maddox just proved again 


365 day Bible reading 

I’m on day 3 and boy it’s hard without a study Bible. Mine is a NLT version. First I read and take notes of what I can from the NASB . I’m also writing through Psalms 119 and 139. Planning on posting what I learn once a week here. Wish me luck with this very long project and that I don’t give up.

Faithfulness of God

God is good 

God is faithful

He asked me to sacrifice a few things and be in a place where I didn’t particularly like. That was about three years  agoo.

Two years ago He showed me how to be content with less money , stuff and activities. I’m really enjoying this journey with Him. 

Last year He had me do two Bible studies one on being a woman who doesn’t quit and Husband Project. I bought my first ever Bible to read Ruth. 

To say that He was working on me before I knew it is an understatement because He had plans that He put in motion 3 years ago.

He said that He would restore me in three years. And He has restored my love of reading and knitting. 


A newly added tool against the Enemy :Boy the Enemy is really getting scared of how much progress I’ve been making. This past month has been one rough road. I’ve been reading Gods word and praying on my own but the other night He directed me to this book. I was looking for a video on YouTube and saw a video of Priscilla Shirer speaking and it got me thinking. She says any revival we want starts  within us because God put it in and if He put it in than He will see it happen. Thank you God!

Knit group

Dear God, 

Thank you once again for showing me that I need people in my life. I’m sorry for not showing up for so long , I know now that was the enemy doing it not you. You’re way  is not hiding away it’s showing up even in the midst of my mess . 

Today was just a great example of being wrapped in your mercy. Thank you again

Not feeling alone

It feels good I’m not alone in my struggles with faith or idols. Here are some books I’m reading that are helping me: 

7 by Jen Hatmaker

A Mile Wide by Brandon Hatmaker

Sacred Waiting by David Timms

A Confident Heart Devotional by Renee Swope 

And of course my Bible

I just bought The Common Book of Prayer also

A Bible study just started by Lysa Terkurst “I am” , about the 7 I am statements of Jesus in the Book of John. So excited for all this!
Be still- I’ve got this – God

Happy weekend!

Better not bitter

A couple of days we were eating dinner at the table and the piece of paneling from my daughters room fell. I noticed what she wrote on a paper: Don’t let your past make you bitter but better. Ok fine I’m all good with that but what happens when the same things keep happening now?

Last week I received a unexpected bill for something that should have been covered by insurance (yeah right), this week I went negative in my bank account due to once again unexpected things. It irratated me that I’ve been extra careful and have been denying myself of things that this would happen now. 

Needless to say it was a horrible day and to top it off my hubby came home in a bad mood and I couldn’t cheer him up . 

Today I woke up the sun was shining , I pulled my Bible out and started to to God about it . I opened up to the Book of Isiah and He promises that He’s starting something new in me 43:19

From the beginning of the year I’ve been seeing this verse and the reminder to stay calm that He is control Here are some other God notes from the devotional study I’m doing “The Confident Heart” by Renee Swope. It has helped me stay calm and know God sees and knows and LOVES me no matter what. I am not my past , things will improve and the future is hopeful. 


How I spent the first day of Advent: we did grocery shopping for the week, laundry and dishes. But in between I read , had tea and knitted. I’m reading “Bittersweet” by Shauna Niequist.She has such a way of writing, she is one I can relate to. I watched a video of her speaking about Psalm 16 and contentment. 

Also I watched Ann Voskamps Advent video and finished reading Isiah. I love how God promises restoration in my life.

He also planted a new/old seed in me: to learn Spanish. Happy Advent!

Bible studies

Some of the Bible studies that have helped me are :
The Book of Acts
Those are by Proverbs 31 Ministries. So far they have been a source of spiritual help.I’ve been reading and and doing online studies with them since May.
My current Bible study is Joshua from Shereadstruth.
I’m looking forward to the holiday season studying The Beatitudes and Advent with them.
This will be my first year observing Advent.
I’m currently reading:
Come with Me by Suzanne Eller
On the launch team for Love Listen and Repeat by Karen Ehman
And rereading One Thousands Gifts by Ann Voskamp
Next week I leave for a trip so I’m taking along:
The Broken Way by Ann Voskamp and Wait and See by Wendy Pope another Bible study by Pr 31.

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