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The Dream of You a review

This book is definitely a must have in a Christian library! It helped me understand what’s happening in my walk with God. She tells her story and talks about whats goes on in every step of the faith journey. 


#liveitout -lost objects

I believe the only way to know The Bible is to test it out. Well this past month God has been showing me how He felt when He found me. 

I lost my phone first and looked where I thought I lost it. I went back within minutes and it wasn’t in either place, I dug in my car nope not there . I replaced it.  Then I lost one of my fave earrings and started wearing another pair , lost one of those( found later that night) . I replaced the first pair I lost. After a week of searching for the earring I found it and believe me I was ECSTATIC! 

Can you imagine how God felt finding me? Can you imagine His joy finding YOU?

Two Words

God’s Enemy. Two simple words right? Not to me because since I read them in context to  my struggle with shopping! I read them in this book Praying God’s Word: Breaking Free from Spiritual Strongholds and they really have changed how I think of buying things, it really is an addiction. Let’s see how it goes!!!

If you Only Knew a review

I started reading this a few days and I literally can’t put it down! I’ve read a few books where the women shared their struggles with the past, but Jamie really goes past the superficial. Jamie writes from the heart and how Jesus has changed her life and that she lives loved. I can relate to her story and that’s what make this book so great to me. Will be on my Books page.

I was able to read this because I’m a reviewer for Netgalley.

Also a affiliate through Amazon, so please click on the photo to purchase if you choose to.

The Middle Theology 

Who else loves the show The Middle? I’ve been watching since the beginning, it just makes me laugh. It’s definitely the picture of an American family, isnt it? Five different personalities under one roof with one theme running through: Love.

Last nights episode was AMAZING! When Axl asks why Frankie why she  went to church she went all around why she went , Sue answered miracles. By the end of the show Mike said maybe it was Gods way that Axl didn’t go to Church and Frankie was able to express why she went. It was because when all went wrong she didn’t feel alone that God had her back. Love the simplicity of that!

Than Sue was able to be a Miracle herself. She told her neighbor that he wasn’t average just because his grades were and he was a one of kind . 

Thank you God for once again showing up 

Hello Morning -a review

What a coin flip from the last book I read. Hello Morning by Kat Lee is a handbook on how to set a morning routine (which is FAB). There’s so many tips on how to maximize your morning time with God that will follow through in your day. One minute of each of God time, Plan time and Move time. I started following this recipe for a few days ago and I have to say that its very doable.

I went on the blog and it has a lot of resources and studies. Looking forward to delving deeper. Here is the link to the blog Hello Mornings.

Disclaimer: I received this book from Netgalley for review

Reading Choices

I’ve found I need to be VERY discerning in what books I choose. I recently read one where through the whole book there was a woeful tune, I won’t name it. I’ll make a list of books that have helped me on my journey on the books I love page.

God has speaking to me a lot about putting my story of salvation together also. 

31 Proverbs to Light Your Path – a review

This is a great devotional mixed with stories of hers, a prayer and a tip how to use it in our lives. I loved reading and trying the tip everyday. She writes with humor and honesty. Disclaimer: I was blessed to have this book sent to me for review by Blogging for Books

Making Progress

I’m on part two of Soar by T. DJakes and have tons of notes so far. He gives tips and there’s a lot of know how in this book. I’m also doing a great Bible study, will talk about that later in the month. And digging into my new Bible The King James Version, I’m enjoying the old language so beautiful AND KNITTING LACE!

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